9 Shoes OUT OF STYLE in 2023! *what to wear instead* (2023)


9 Shoes OUT OF STYLE in 2023 (and what to wear instead)! Everything is linked below!!

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Knot Slides (size up half-size): bit.ly/3KQoEzq
Woven Slides (true to size): bit.ly/3ZpnvEf

Puff Heeled Mules (true to size): bit.ly/3mQrtsC
Stretchy Strappy Mules (true to size): bit.ly/3oDlibW

Woven Heels (true to size): bit.ly/3V1tXky

Slingback Pumps (Black - true to size): bit.ly/3mWS0V4
Slingback Pumps (Pink - true to size): bit.ly/41tOIaZ

Classic Ballet Flats (true to size): bit.ly/40uASDK

Nike Air Jordans: bit.ly/3AkgFpD OR bit.ly/40clPPZ OR bit.ly/3H5ovXM
Nike Daybreaks (true to size): bit.ly/3AkfUwN
Reebok Classics (size up half-size): bit.ly/3mi9Od1

Rubber Birkenstock Sandals (true to size): bit.ly/3LlD4sQ
Rubber Birkenstock Slides (true to size): bit.ly/3Ajfzu7

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- So these are the shoes that are out of style for 2023.

I'll show, you what's bad and what's good.

But really these shoes that are bad like they're, not that bad.


You still love them.

If you still have them, wear them.

I'm, just more here to show you what I think is a little more up to date for 2023.


All of the shoes in this video are still available.

They're all from Nordstrom.

I, love, Nordstrom., They're, truly my favorite place to buy shoes.


Everything will be linked down below in the description box and also pinned in the comment section.

So let's, get started with the first genre, which is sandals.

Now I wanted to start with sandals just because we're in the spring going into summer months, like this is the perfect time of year that people are actually wearing a lot of sandals.

So let's start with what I think is a little outta, style., I'm.

Sorry, I talked about this in a recent video, but these, I, don't, love, them, I used to love them.


You still have them, it's, okay., I, just think that they have kind of had their time.

They're basically sandals with really skinny detail up the bed of the foot.

And I think a more up-to-date, sandal or slide for 2023 are these.

I have two options.



These are by the brand Open Edit, which is such a good stylish brand.

And the prices are so reasonable., But I love, the woven, buttery detail to it.

This actually has some knot details.

But this is kind of really what's in for 2023.

I love also.

The squared toe.

This comes in a lot of colors, but you can really wear this with anything.


Another option would be these by the same exact brand.

This has more of an actual woven braided detail, that, again, and right now I got this in like a whitish ivory color, which I think really brightens up any outfit.

You can slip it on with anything.

And it freshens up the look.


These also come in many colors as well.

And the price is so good.

Next we're gonna talk about mules.

Now on this side, I wanna show you peep toe, mules.

And these again, aren't terrible., I just don't love, how much of a peep toe, they're, rocking., And, I, just don't think peep.

Toes are really..

Wait till you see the rest of this video.

I'm, telling you things just come in and out.

And you can just ignore everything., But, peep toe, right, now, not really in.


Then on this side, we've got mules, but closed toe.

Mules., And, I, just don't love these for a couple reasons.

I feel like when you wear them with jeans or pants of any sort, they're just annoying, because the back of your pants get stuck underneath the heel.

You guys know what I'm talking about.

These are annoying to wear with pants.

But if you wear them without pants, like you, wear them with a skirt or something like that, then I just feel like it doesn't work as well.

Like it's.

Odd that they're closed toe.


So I, don't love.

Any of those options, the better options are these.

I have two again.


These first ones I love, so much.

Oh, my gosh, they're again, kind of like, I'm, calling them the puff mule in a way because they have that same kind of woven, puffy detail to them.

But they're, not quite as much peep toe, I, mean, obviously, they're still like sandal, heels, or mules, but they're, not as much of your foot is covering and not as much of your toes peeping out.


They seriously are beautiful for so many things and there's.

A nice chunky heel on them., So they're, easy to wear.

You can dress them.

Up, dress them down with everything.

As I, go along, I, don't need to keep saying this, but everything truly comes in so many colors.


Then we have these stretchy strappy mules that I think are also a better option for this year, because they still are kind of giving that '90s vibe that is in style.


These are so comfortable, the strappiness kind of updates them a little bit.

And the straps are so stretchy.

So they're easy to wear.

The heel is actually a lot shorter.

So these can also be really casual, and you can just slip them on.

And it just dresses it up a little bit, or if you do wanna wear this with a skirt or something and make it actually dressy, they're, great, too.


These are so comfy.

I don't, even know what to call the next category, 'cause it's kind of weird, but it's in my head.

So I'm gonna call them perforated.

Shoes., And, you're, probably thinking.

What the heck is that? Good question.

I shall show you.


They're like the heels, the boots that are perforated, there's holes in them, they're kinda like cut out, and I.

Understand why brands wanna design their shoes.


They say, add some spice, some little extra detail, but I think they're kind of outta, style.

So, a better option.

And this is the last style of shoe with the woven detail, but I think the woven detail is a better detail than the cutout.


These are so incredibly popular, so popular that they keep releasing them in more and more colors because people just love these, myself, included., I.

First got them in this ivory shade, very, very wearable.

So comfortable., Again, I love, the braided detail, but I decided to get them in a fun.



This is a bright bubble gum.


This is very similar to the shoes that I've already shown you, but just more of a dressier option, although I don't think they're, too dressy., They're again, with all of these shoes.

You really can dress them up or down., Okay, I lie.

The next category is extra dressy.

So we're gonna talk about pumps.


This is the one where you guys are really gonna come for me and be like.

"These are never out of style." I know, but hear me out.


So we've got the pumps and we've got the classic, pointy toe pumps.

We've got the round toe pumps.

We even have the pumps with the emblem on the top.


These are not horrible, I don't think the round toe, I think the round toe are really out of style.


The pointy toe, they're, not horrible.

But there is a specific style of pump that is very in style for 2023.

Sling back pumps., Yes.

These are so stylish right, now., They're just a little different.

They're similar, yet, different., And, again.

These have had their day in the past.

And then they kind of went out, now they're kind of back in and that's.

Why a lot of people hate following trends and I get it.

But still it's fun for me.

So I have a classic, black pair and I love them with jeans.


Also, love them with skirts., I think, that, again.

It kind of just freshens it up a bit, updates, the style, a bit, and I do love.

This bright, bright pink.

It's, kind of quarterly.


It just is a nice pop.

Both are great.

I'll, put my sizes for everything down below as well.

Because when you order shoes that is helpful.

Yeah, just keep that in mind, that'll be in the description box, too., Time, out., I know, some of you are mad at me, don't, be mad at me.

It's fun to see what you agree, with, what you disagree with, but it's all in good fun.


If you are enjoying this video, I would love for you to take two seconds and subscribe down, below., I know, a lot of you tend to watch my videos, but maybe aren't subscribed.

Now, I know, we've talked a lot about pumps and heels, so let's, talk about flats, neck.


The out of style options are probably gonna surprise you because I in the past have loved these and I, just think that they're overdone at this point.

They are the Tory Burch, flats., I, know, I, know., Oh.

And then the Toms.

The Toms, which these are very different.


One is very upscale.

One is much more casual.

But I think both have had their day.

Now, a more up-to-date, classic option, we'll say, that are the ballet flats, because you guys have said over and over and over again that these never go out of style, Shea, they're, always great., And, I know.

But the thing is, these are extra in right now.

Everyone is wearing these for 2023 and I ordered a few different styles and pairs for this video.

I actually sent a couple back that I didn't, like., But, these, I, really do.

These are very, very comfortable., They're, very gushy, and bendable, very wearable., And, I know, a lot of you love ballet.

Flats., So, I, definitely wanted to share these as an in-style option.

Moving, right along two sneakers.


So much I can say about this category because sneakers or tennis shoes are having a major moment.


The styles that I think are not so good are the Vans sneakers, the Keds, and also wedge sneakers., I don't.

Think any of these are very good.

Now, the ones that I think are really in style.

You can probably guess what I'm gonna say, Nike.


We have the Nike Air Jordans.

We have the Nike Dunks., And, I know, this style, isn't for everyone, but they really are flying off the shelves.


You can barely even get them when they come in stock.


These are from Nordstrom.

I actually have some other colors as well, but I will link all of the styles that are available right now down below.


They truly are just very eye-catching.

I just can't get enough of them., I, don't know, why.

But I really do love them.


Another more kinda like wearable Nike style are these.

These are the Nike Daybreaks, which I actually have both of these.

I, just totally forgot to film them for this video.


These are the photos of the ones that I actually have.

And, they're, still, available., Amazing, reviews., But.

They come in so many other color, combos, too., They're, kind of just more of a retro vintage style, that's really popular.


Then we have the old school, kind of classic retro Reebok sneakers, which I love, two pieces., I loved these.

I had them and I wore them to death.

I wore them.

So much, I ended up having to throw them.

Away., I, couldn't, even donate them.

And I had them for years.

I, mean, they're, definitely classic, but they're making a comeback and they're available.

I saw them on Nordstrom.

Site, I, ordered them, again., I, don't, even care.

They are just as comfortable as before.

I can wear them with so many things., Like they're, not overly sporty looking.

You know what I mean? It's good to just have like a nice, kind of basic white tennis, shoe., So, definitely consider these.


The next category I think we can all agree, on, I, hope.


We've got Crocs.

I, don't think, they're in style.

Were they ever in style? I'm, not so sure.

But I know that they're more of like a functional shoe., They're, great for water, boating, mud., I, understand, there's, better options.


We've got the rubber Birkenstocks.

These are really good quality, but very well, priced, and much more stylish compared to those rubber Crocs., So I think out of the two, I, probably like these better.

They come in tons of shades.


Everyone at first, I got these last year, actually, they're, still, really in style.

But I.

Remember people being like, "Oh.

My gosh, I can't believe you got white, but they're rubber." I've worn these a lot.

I've, wore them to the pool, to the beach, on vacations.

And they just wash off., So, I, love the white color, but again, many to choose from.


Then these are my newer pair.


These are still Birkenstocks, but they're more of a slide sandal.

And they've got some nice tread.

And I've got kind of like a fun, lime, green color, just for spring.

So as I mentioned.

Everything will be linked down below and pinned in the comments, section.


Consider subscribing and I'll.

See you in my next one.



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Winter 2023 is going to be about comfort and oversized statement pieces. Street style trends from November and December 2022 point toward fur and fleece-lined jackets, oversized pants, and gender neutral silhouettes. Bags are small, bright, and often crossbody.

What is a chunky shoe? ›

Chunky sneakers are still at the top of current sneaker trends. The term refers to all sneakers that have a bulky look, with an overly thick sole, a wide upper, or lots of overlays. Another plus: the thick sole is also made for comfortable walking.

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Much like bodysuits and claw clips, chunky sneakers are having a resurgence. Often called "dad" shoes, the trend recalls the footwear styles of the '80s and '90s, providing both practicality and style. The appeal? A shoe that can be worn daily, with nearly anything.

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Proof: Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2023, where UGG dominated the runways in a major way. Not that this is coming out of nowhere, to be fair. UGG is very much a power player in the biz these days. UGG's boots and slippers are seemingly recession-proof.

What type of shoes are back to the future? ›

The Nike MAG is a limited-edition shoe created by Nike Inc. It is a replica of a shoe featured in the film Back to the Future Part II. The Nike Mag was originally released for sale in 2011 and again in 2016.

What are the sports color trends for 2023? ›

Digital lavender is one of the top colors for the year 2023. It showcases the serenity, stability, and digital escapism consumers seek after the pandemic era. The active hue feels complementary with tones like turquoise sea, apple mint, and wild rose.

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1. Nike. Nike is the epitome of all sneakers — coinciding with the American running craze in the 70s, the iconic American brand was founded by Phil Knight in 1964 in Oregon, US.

How can I look fancy in sneakers? ›

3 Sneaker-Styling Rules to Live By
  1. Always show some skin in between your shoe and your jeans, joggers, or dress. Jeans should hit about an inch or two above our ankle bone.
  2. Don't wear socks that show. Wear no socks at all or no-show socks. ...
  3. Buy the ones you love (not like) and you will always find a way to wear them.
Aug 19, 2021

Am I too old to wear white sneakers? ›

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The biggest T-shirt trends in 2023 are an oversized T-shirt, rock band graphic T-shirt, and a quiet luxury T-shirt.

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Big, statement pieces will be a key component of the 2023 streetwear scene, with oversized prints and logos at the heart. Your favourite brands are likely to be heavily using spellout logos in untraditional places as well as use of straplines and street tagging aesthetics incorporated into print.

What is the 2023 van of the year? ›

And the International Van of the Year Award 2023 goes to …..the Volkswagen ID. Buzz Cargo! A totally new light commercial vehicle concept from Volkswagen in the shape of the ID. Buzz Cargo has just been announced as International Van of the Year 2023 (IVOTY).

What is the 2023 truck of the year? ›

F-150 Lightning Wins 2023 North American Truck of the Year; Third Consecutive NACTOY Truck of the Year Win for Ford. DEARBORN, Mich., Jan. 11, 2023 – The Ford F-150 Lightning is charging into the new year as the North American Truck of the Year™.

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  • Plaster. Jenifer McNeil Baker. ...
  • Micro Luxury. HomeGoods. ...
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  • Natural Stone Slabs. ...
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  • Enclosed Kitchens.
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  • Maxi Skirts.
  • Platform Slip-Ons.
  • Mesh Clothing.
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What is the color of the year for 2023? ›

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  • Family & Kids. Trending: Kid's Day in the Life Vlogs. ...
  • Sports & NBA Playmakers. ...
  • Top News To Follow.
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What color clothes are lucky for 2023? ›

Feng Shui is based on the balance between energy, elements, and environment, and the lucky color for 2023, forest green, represents the balance between earth and water and will bring prosperity and hope. Together with this color, other hues will help to emanate these feelings- pink, red and blue.

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