Best of The Duttons vs. Trespassers | Yellowstone (2023)


From bikers to tourists, people love making their way onto the Dutton Ranch. Here’s a look back at the Duttons facing off with trespassers.

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Yellowstone is a drama series that follows the Dutton family, led by patriarch John Dutton (Kevin Costner). The Duttons control the largest contiguous ranch in the U.S. and must contend with constant attacks by land developers, clashes with an Indian reservation and conflict with America's first national park.

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(Truck, revving), (truck screeches) - What.

The fuck? (tourist guide speaking in foreign language), (bear groaning) - Hey.

Hey! Hey! You out of your mind? Get, back., (cameras, clicking), Get, back., All, right?, Get back before that thing eats somebody.

- It seems friendly.

- Well, it's.


Now, get back.

- We won't get any closer.

(tourist guide speaking in foreign language) - You see that fence? That's mine., That fucking fence down there, that's, mine, too., Everything.

This side of that mountain all the way over to here, mine, too.

You're, trespassing., Trespassing., (tourist guide speaking in foreign language), (tourist speaking in foreign language) - They don't believe you.

- What? (tourist speaking in foreign language) - What's.

He saying? What's.

He saying? - Says that it's wrong for one man to own all this.

He says, you should share it with all the people.

- Yeah? (tourists screams), (gun, fires), (gun fires) This is America.

We don't share land.


(tour bus revving).

(Horse, galloping) - [Kayce] This side looks good.

- [Rip] This side.


- You feel good turning the cattle back out? - Should have clovered up since the last rain.

I think we ought to wait until July.

- We're running out of hay.

Feeding cattle, all summer's, no way to make a living.

- Well shit, we'll.

Just do it like the old days.

Just, grab the chuck wagon, bring it out here and we'll babysit 'em all summer long.

- It's, not the worst idea., The, fuck?, (group.

Speaking indistinctly) - Who.

The fuck are they?, (horses, galloping), You, all lost? - It's a possibility.


This part of the Paradise Valley Sporting Club? - Alongside of that fence.

- Ah.

I told you.

- Y'all staying at the sporting club? - They own it.

- [Rip] Who are they? - Providence Hospitality Management.

I'm, Ellis, Steele.

My firm is representing Market Equities.

- We don't know what that is.

- Well, they manage resort properties.

We watch out for their interests.


Your land? Incredible., I, didn't, catch your name.

- That's 'cause, I, didn't, offer it.

(foreboding music) - Fair enough.

We'll, get out of your way.

You know, I can understand you being wary.

A bunch of city folks wandering in your field.

I, apologize., Why, don't.

You come by the resort and have dinner on us?.

After, all, you're gonna be neighbors.

It's best.

If you all get along., (ominous, music), Going, this way, folks., (car, screeches) - Listen, don't, tell dad, okay?, I, gotta go.

Some asshole's standing in our river.

(water, rushing), Hey! Hey! - How.

You doing? - You're trespassing! - Huh? - Trespassing! - What? - Get out of our fucking river! - I can't, that'd, be trespassing.

- Fucking guy.

- I see the women in this valley have gotten a lot more fashionable.

- Yeah? I see Chippendales changed their policy on capped teeth.

- What's that? - It's, an insult.

Never mind.

- Only an insult, if I understand it.

- Yeah, that's, not true, but that's a conversation for another time that we'll never have.

Both sides of the river are private property.

- I know, that's.

Why I can't get out.

- Well,? How did you get in? - My family owns a place up river., Cross, Creek, Ranch., You know, it? - Yeah, that's, five miles upstream.

- I was blessed with stamina.

- I highly doubt, it.

- When I played golf, I'd do 36 holes in a day.

I like this much better.

It's like golf, but fish.

You have any interest in dinner? - No.

- I meant in general.

- No.

I dine on my joy for life.

- Ah.

- Just stay off.

Our fucking land, okay? - Yes ma'am.

I'll, stay off.

Your fucking land, I, promise.

Thanks for the talk.


The most interesting thing that's happened to me today.

- You should analyze that.

(Roarke, laughs), (Teeter, chewing, spits) - [Teeter] You was done with that, wasn't you? - I am now.

- How.

You doin' back there, baby? - [Colby] Fine, thanks.

- Okay.


You ought to be up here on mama's lap, but that's all right, it's, okay., (Ryan, laughing), Y'all think I'm joking.

- Well.

Unfortunately, we don't.

- What in the? They cut, the fucking fence.

- It's too early to get in a fight.

(truck doors.

Slamming) (music blaring) - Hey! How.

You doing? - What do these rednecks want? - Listen.

You can't, be here., It's, private property.

- Well.

This is national park.

- That's national park.

This is the Dutton Ranch.

- Sign says, Yellowstone.

Got, a big fucking Y on it.

- The Y is for the Yellowstone Ranch.

- You said, Dutton, Ranch.

- It's the Yellowstone Dutton, Ranch., Listen, I need you to move across the road.

But I'm gonna have to cite you for trespassing.

(indistinct conversation) - That badge says, livestock, agent.

- That's right.

- Ooh.


The fucking cow, police!, (bikers, laughing) - Look at this pink haired.

Hick mad.

Doggin' me., You got a problem, bitch? - The fuck you just say to me? - I called you a fucking-- (suspenseful music) - Ah, fuck! - You gotta be fucking kidding.


(truck, revving), (metal, shattering), (truck, screeches) - Motherfucker! You're, a fucking dead man., (club, thuds), (flesh, thudding), (men, yelling) - I'll fucking shoot you! - It'll be the last fucking thing you ever do.

- You better get after it, then.


One of these assholes is the boss of you? Which.

One of these motherfuckers? - The big guy with the beard.

(man groaning) - Him? Him? Get up, get up! Get, up., (man, groaning), I'm gonna give you one last chance.

You leave now or you never leave.

I'll bury you where you fucking stand.

Get, the fuck out of here.

- You heard him.

- Let's go, get outta here! - Let's go., (man, straining, yells) - Get.

The fuck out of here.

- Lloyd.

You cover my back? Good.


You all right? - Think I broke.

My hand.

- That's a far cry from your heart.

Ryan? - All I did was ask them to leave.

- You're all right, come on.

How, 'bout, you, Teeter?, You, okay? - (spits) That was fun.

- Bunch of assholes taking the scenic route to Sturgis.

- [Rip] Yeah.

- You know, when they come back for them, bikes, they're, gonna fuck this field up something fierce.

- Probably so.


Go fix.

The fence, come on.

(Motorcycles, revving), (motorcycles, revving), (truck doors, slamming), (wires, snapping), (ominous, music) - [Biker] Let me guess.

This is your field? - You gonna burn it? That's.

Your plan? - Might burn you with it.

- Why? Why.

Would you do that? (gas tank, thuds) - We weren't, bothering anyone.

Just, having some fun.

- This field's.


That fence is mine.

You damaged both.

And you came back to damage.

It more.

This is my home.

If I did this to your home.

What would you do? - I'd kill you.

- That's right.? (Shovels, clattering), The man, said, if you didn't leave, we'd bury you here.


You didn't leave.

We, keep our word in this valley.

- Fine.

We'll leave.

- No, it's too late for that.

- I said, we'll, leave., (gun, cocking) - I don't want you to leave.

I want you to dig.

- The sun's starting to heat up the sky, sir.

- Yeah.

All right, that's enough.

- [Kayce] Nobody said, get out.

- Yeah, not much point in that.

(foreboding music) - I have children.

- So do I.


What I've seen, yours will be better off without you.


You from? - California.

- Figures.

I'm gonna leave these holes just like this, right here in the middle of my field.


If you ever come back again, I'ma, fill them, you understand? - Thank you.

- Thank you's, not an answer.

Repeat, what I say.

I'm going back to California.

- I'm going back to California.

- Montana doesn't want you.

- Montana doesn't want me.

I'm, never coming back.

I swear.

- I'm gonna hold you to that.

(solemn music) - [Kayce] I don't think we'll be seeing them again.

- Nope.

- Want us to fill these holes? - They.

Wanna put an airport here.

- Yeah, I know.


Do you wanna do about it? - I'm, not sure yet.

Don't fill the holes.

- No? - No.


- [Rip] Yes, sir? - Have.

The boys take down my tent at camp.

I'm moving back to the lodge.

- You sure you want me to do that? You might wanna go up there soon.

- I'm sure.

My summer is over.

(somber music).


Are the Duttons good or bad? ›

Like real people, they make both good and bad choices and have to face the consequences of their actions. While the Duttons may become the villains of their own story, you can't help but root for them as you tune in every week to see what fresh hell they've gotten themselves into.

Which Yellowstone series is best? ›

1. Yellowstone - Season 3. Season 1 went full-on bonkers, Season 2 took deeper breaths between the crazy hijinks, but Season 3 is where "Yellowstone" peaked.

Did the Duttons lose the ranch? ›

In the Duttons' case, they protect their way of life and ranch through the easement, and keep their property whole, as John intends. The family can continue to live there, and the land can be sold or passed on to heirs.

What episode of Yellowstone was the biker fight scene? ›

"Yellowstone" Going Back to Cali (TV Episode 2020) - IMDb.

Why do all the Duttons hate Jamie? ›

The underlying reason for John Dutton's dislike of Jamie is their differing personality and views on life. It is why they often fight, argue, and even work against each other in various stages of their life. Of course, it's also possible that John dislikes Jamie because he's adopted and not a true-blooded Dutton.

Who is the most evil Dutton? ›

We have to put Jamie at the bottom of the list's Jamie. He's easily the most selfish character in the series which you uncover more and more as the show goes on.

Is Yellowstone 1883 or 1923 better? ›

With its return earlier this week after a midseason hiatus, we can say with certainty that 1923 is officially better than its parent show. With an incredible cast, great characters, and a plot that keeps you on the edge of your seat, 1923 has taken the best of Yellowstone and brought it to a new level of entertainment.

What is considered the best season of Yellowstone? ›

The best times to visit Yellowstone National Park are from late April to May as well as September through early October.

Should you watch 1883 or 1923 first? ›

The handy thing about a franchise with years in the titles is that it's very easy to watch it in chronological order. Starting off simply, that chronological order is as follows: 1883 (Available streaming on Paramount+ or buy on Amazon) 1923 (Available streaming on Paramount+ or buy on Amazon)

Did Dutton give rip the ranch? ›

In the finale of season two, John gives Beth a letter that says he accepts Rip as a son and that he's also gifting Rip a house on the ranch. Viewers are taken aback as they witness Rip cry and become emotional for the first and only time in the series.

Who is John Dutton's favorite child? ›

Lee may have initially been the favorite, but Kayce Dutton (Luke Grimes) was the prodigal son. John probably didn't react in the best way when he branded him with the Yellowstone 'Y' after Kayce told him that he was in love with a pregnant Monica Long (Kelsey Asbille), but time heals all wounds.

What did Jamie's dad do to Beth? ›

Garrett Randall, a former ranch hand, was found guilty of murdering his wife when Jamie was a little kid. He lived alone on his farm after getting out of prison. He blamed the drugs on the death of his wife and the cause of her death.

Why did Kayce and Rip fight? ›

Those are two men who like I just said there's brotherly love and there's competition to an extent and they fight it out like two bulls, and they move on. That's it. That's just the way of life on a ranch, especially the Dutton ranch. There you have it!

Why does Beth hate Jamie? ›

As Beth keeps reminding viewers, she has been perpetually angry at Jamie for how Jamie inadvertently made her sterile by helping her get an abortion when they were both teenagers. Combined with Jamie being adopted and his actions in previous Yellowstone seasons, Beth has only gotten madder at Jamie over the years.

Why did Jamie have Beth sterilized? ›

When Beth was a teenager, she got pregnant. She sought help from Jamie, who assisted her efforts to get an abortion. But, in order to keep the pregnancy from leaking to the press and embarrassing the family, Jamie took Beth to a free clinic on a Reservation, where sterilization was mandatory with abortions.

Why was Beth's mom so mean to her in Yellowstone? ›

It's no secret that throughout her appearance in Yellowstone, Beth's mother, Evelyn Dutton was tough on her. It led to many fans thinking that she hated her. However, that doesn't seem to be the case at all. It turns out she was hard on her because she wanted to toughen her up.

Why does Kayce hate his dad? ›

Kayce and John have been estranged for sometime at the beginning of the series. It is later revealed that part of what drove them apart was that Kayce got Monica pregnant and they planned to keep the baby. That is when John forced Kayce to take the brand.

What is the Dutton family secret? ›

Beth finally learns another deep family secret: John Dutton has been chucking corpses on the Montana border for years; in fact, the episode began with a young Rip (Kyle Red Silverstein), who at the urging of a young John Dutton (Josh Lucas), discards the body of a cowboy who got a little too lippy about his beloved ...

Who killed the oldest Dutton? ›

During Yellowstone's first season premiere, Lee Dutton (played by Dave Annable) gets killed after trying to recover stolen cattle from the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. He received a fatal gunshot wound after getting caught in the crossfire. The gunshot came from Kayce's brother-in-law, Robert Long.

Was Matthew McConaughey in Yellowstone? ›

"The Dutton story continues, picking up where Yellowstone leaves off in another epic tale."

Is 1883 more violent than Yellowstone? ›

The Yellowstone prequel series covers off how the family came to settle in Montana. 1883 tells a much grittier and more violent story that highlights the lawlessness of the wild west and the harsh realities of late-19th century life.

What is 1932 Yellowstone? ›

The Yellowstone prequel previously titled 1932, now 1923, follows the Dutton family through another expansion period in U.S. history—the early 1920s and beyond. In the new series, we'll see the Dutton ancestors cope with drought, cattle theft, lawlessness, and the beginning of the Great Depression.

Who is the most popular character on Yellowstone? ›

1. Rip Wheeler. Easily one of the most popular characters of Yellowstone is none other than Rip Wheeler. Loyal, tough, and lovable, he is a ranch hand that is married to Beth.

What is the longest season in Yellowstone? ›

The first part of the fifth season of Yellowstone aired in November 2022 with eight episodes and the last half of six more episodes are yet to arrive, thus making it the longest season of the series ever.

Is Yellowstone worth the hype? ›

It's hard not to get swept up into this binge-worthy cowboy saga. It has everything you want in a drama series. Good acting, steady pace, competent action, just enough romance, and an edge.

Is Kevin Costner's daughter in Yellowstone? ›

Will there be a season 2 of 1883? ›

Is there an 1883 Season 2 release date? 1883: The Bass Reeves Story is set to arrive later in 2023.

Are 1883 and 1923 connected? ›

After "1883" comes "1923," which takes place in, you guessed it, the year 1923. The second prequel series stars Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford as the generation of Duttons tasked with defending their land throughout The Great Depression.

Is Rip John Dutton's son? ›

Cole Hauser plays Rip Wheeler in Yellowstone. Rip is the unofficially adopted son of John Dutton. In flashbacks, Rip was revealed to have fled to the ranch after his mother and brother got murdered by his stepdad. Rip killed his stepdad, but the wounds of not saving his family left an indelible mark on him.

Who impregnated Beth on Yellowstone? ›

The third season episode titled 'Cowboys and Dreamers' shows how Beth was about fifteen years old when she became pregnant. Beth was hooking up with Rip at that time and it is implied that the baby was his. She wasn't very sure of how her father would react so she reaches out to her brother, Jamie, for help.

Is Tate the 7th generation Dutton? ›

This patrilineal bloodline ends with Tate Dutton. (Jamie Dutton's child is, at least by name, also the youngest progeny of this family.) Tate also represents the seventh generation of Dutton, which is important.

What happened to Beth Dutton's mom? ›

As has also been explored in flashbacks, the Dutton family matriarch (played by Gretchen Mol) died during a horse riding accident while out with a young Beth and her other living brother, Kayce (Luke Grimes).

What is the scar on Beth Dutton's face? ›

Beth has been attacked several times and is beaten almost beyond recognition in Season 2. Season 3 of "Yellowstone" goes even further by having her survive a bomb attack on her office. She is left with third-degree burns over much of her body, leaving permanent scarring.

What were the 3 options Beth gave Jamie? ›

Beth finds out too, but still believes her least favorite brother had something to do with it. She gives Jamie three options: Spend life in prison, be tortured and killed by Rip, or eliminate Garret himself.

Why is Beth mad about Jamie's kid? ›

Of course, the entire reason that Beth hates Jamie is because he took her to an abortion clinic (at her request) when she was 15 years old, and since they were on the Reservation, they gave her a hysterectomy…

What did Jamie do to Beth when she was pregnant? ›

Scared to tell her father or Rip about her pregnancy, Beth asked her brother instead. Jamie takes her to an abortion clinic. There, Jamie gets informed that the only way to perform the abortion is for Beth to undergo sterilization. Jamie agrees to the procedure without Beth's consent.

Do Beth and Rip adopt Carter? ›

She adopted a son (Carter) after finally marrying Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser) in season four.

What secret does Beth tell Rip? ›

Whatever his response to the news that Beth had an abortion will be, Rip will almost certainly be furious that Jamie's actions caused her so much pain.

Has Rip always loved Beth? ›

One of the most notable elements of the Yellowstone series is the iconic romantic relationship between Rip and Beth. The couple was once childhood sweethearts whose feelings for each other stood the test of time and bloomed into true love. For the show's past four seasons, we've enjoyed plenty of Rip and Beth moments.

Why did John have Kayce branded? ›

John later explains to Monica that he branded Kayce for disobeying him when Kayce got Monica pregnant and Kayce refused John's demand to make Monica abort the child. John branded Kayce, which drove a wedge between the two and caused Kayce to enlist in the Navy where he became a SEAL.

Why is Monica so mad at Kayce? ›

Throughout her recovery from brain surgery, Monica and Kayce had a rocky relationship. Monica doesn't approve of Kayce's relationship with his father John, and fears for her and their son Tate's safety.

Why do Rip and Lloyd hate Walker? ›

Lloyd and Walker's dislike for each other in season 4 of Yellowstone stems from a love triangle that forms with ranch hand Laramie.

Why does John not love Jamie? ›

The underlying reason for John Dutton's dislike of Jamie is their differing personality and views on life. It is why they often fight, argue, and even work against each other in various stages of their life. Of course, it's also possible that John dislikes Jamie because he's adopted and not a true-blooded Dutton.

Does Jamie know he is adopted? ›

After Jamie learned about his adoption, he asked Kayce for a favor, saying, “I need some advice, brother… If I can still call you that.” Kayce replies to him, “Until the day you die, you better never call me anything else.” This implies that Kayce had an inkling about the adoption.

Did Beth know Jamie was adopted? ›

There are plenty of details to suggest that “Yellowstone's” smartest Dutton probably had some sort of idea that Jamie was adopted. However, the moment was not a part of the onscreen story. But Beth likely didn't know that Garrett Randall was Jamie's biological father until season four – after the attacks.

Who is the villain in Yellowstone? ›

Donald Whitfield Is Already More Dangerous Than Banner Creighton Could Hope to Be. While Whitfield's plan to smoke out the Duttons has its merits amid the ranks of the best villainous schemes in the Yellowstone universe, his claim to the top spot comes largely from his very first scene in the series.

Is Jamie Dutton the villain? ›

Sheridan told the New York Times that, while Jamie Dutton's actions are definitely evil, there's some nuance to the character as Bentley portrays him.

Does rip turn on the Duttons? ›

He is Very Loyal to the Duttons

Throughout Yellowstone, Rip continues to remain loyal to the Dutton family. As they took him in as a teenager, he became a part of the family as he got a fresh start in life. He even has a Yellowstone brand on his chest to remind him of his duty to the ranch.

Why did Dutton adopt Jamie? ›

Apparently, Phyllis was a drug addict who did not care for the child. Thus, Garrett killed her so that James could be taken away from them and raised in a better family. Evelyn Dutton and John then adopted James, and he began living with the Duttons.

Why do the Becks hate the Duttons? ›

The Beck Brothers' Attacks on the Duttons

The Beck Brothers end up on the wrong side of the Dutton family after taking things too far. They are stone-cold killers who are willing to do whatever it takes to get their way.

What did the guy steal from John Dutton? ›

It's cows, you don't steal cows if you're a cowboy. However, in the end it turned out what Wade had stolen was the Yellowstone brand which he had on his chest.

Who targeted the Dutton family? ›

Riggins is the guy who hired the militia to attack John, Kayce (Luke Grimes) and Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly), as well as the ranch, but his motives are still unknown.

How did Jamie betray John Yellowstone? ›

Jamie Dutton (Wes Bentley) followed through with his threat by calling for the impeachment of his dad John (Kevin Costner), who blocked the construction of an airport that would have brought jobs and tourist dollars to Montana.

Is Jamie's dad evil in Yellowstone? ›

Garrett Randall was the birth father of Jamie Dutton and the primary antagonist for Season 4. He was convicted of killing his wife when Jamie was a young boy and lived by himself on his farm after being released from prison. He blamed drugs on his wife's death and the reason for her death.

Who is John Dutton's enemy? ›

Wade Morrow was a major antagonist in Season Three of Yellowstone. Before he was off on his own, he would as a hand for the Duttons and was a branded worker. He lost the ranches respect after he was accused of stealing. Wade was a neighboring rancher and an arch enemy of John Dutton.

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