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Wire free bras have become increasingly popular. And it’s no wonder why! After all, they offer supreme comfort, are easier to care for and give you great support.

This latter point might seem contentious to some… It is a common misconception that in order to have the support you need (particularly for larger busts), you need an underwire. But between fabric and design innovations, this is not really the case.

After all, many sports bras are wireless bras (they’re easier to move in that way) and the last thing they compromise on is support.

So, now you’re sold on wire free bras, let’s look more closely at the features you should pay attention to when shopping...

5 Things to Look for in the Best Wireless Bras

1. Size Range / Cup Size

Whether you’re buying a wire free or an underwire bra, the right cup size is essential. This is key not only to achieving the shape you desire, but also for comfort and support. If you have a larger cup size, don’t be tempted to squeeze yourself into a smaller band or cup size. Instead, look for brands that have a wide and inclusive range of cup sizes to choose from. Knix cup sizes go all the way to 42G.

2. Lift, Shape & Support

Don’t confuse all wireless bras with a flimsy bralette. You can and should expect lift, support and gentle shaping from your wire free bra. This will usually come from the construction: Molded cups, wide shoulder and back straps will make up for the support you’d usually get from an underwire. The only difference is you won’t have a piece of wire digging into your ribs.

3. Style Options

There’s never one bra to suit absolutely every kind of body and taste. You should have choices! From colours (including the right shade of ‘nude’), to the actual style of bra - make sure you’re able to get what you want.

4. Functional Options

Very few of us confine our entire existence to one bra style. We might want something a little fancier for evenings, a sports bra for activities, a perfect, seamless T-shirt bra for everyday wear. Be clear about what kind of bra you need and make sure you fulfill that functional need.

5. Comfort

One of the biggest reasons women prefer wireless bras is comfort. For many, underwires can irritate the skin, or dig uncomfortably into the ribs. And because underwires are inflexible, they cannot expand or contract as your body changes - whether that’s because you just enjoyed a tasty meal, or you’re at ‘that stage’ of your menstrual cycle.

So if you’re swapping for a wireless bra, make sure it does offer the comfort you crave. Comfort and fit go hand-in-hand. So make sure:

  • Shoulder straps stay put and don’t dig in
  • Back straps can be adjusted up and down and are snug but not tight
  • Your breasts stay put (seriously, do some jumping jacks) and there’s no spillage or bulging
  • It's comfortable enough to wear all day

Discover the Best Wireless Bra for You

Best Wireless Bra for Everyday: WingWoman Contour Bra

Available in 5 different nude shades, the wireless WingWoman Contour Bra features a plunging neckline and molded foam cups give you the most shape and definition of all our bras – without compromising on comfort, making it a favorite everyday bra for many customers. Plus, extra side coverage eliminates sideboob and overspill.

How it Fits:

This bra gives you just the right low-cut lift and separation you're looking for, with extra side coverage and light padding.

What Reviewers Say:

“The straps, the banding, and the cups fit like a glove...I wear it all day and still feel comfortable! Perfect support with it…”

I have been looking for an underwireless bra. I first tried the ThirdLove bra, which has stays on each side that make the bra uncomfortable to wear. By evening I cannot wait to take it off. Then tried the Knix bra, which is totally comfortable, has no stays, yet provides support without being an underwire bra. The WingWoman Contour Bra is working very well for me.”

Size Options:

32A to 42G - and everything in between!


Best Wireless Bra to Avoid Slipping Straps: Padded V-Neck Bra - Wide Strap

Best Wire Free Bra – Knix (2)

If (like me) your biggest peeve is falling shoulder straps, this might just be the best bra for you! With a neckline perfect for lower cut tops, the Padded V-Neck Bra - Wide Strap gives you a natural shape with strong support, and light, removable padding has you covered. Seamless construction, full coverage and 4-way stretch fabric means this bra will adapt to your unique shape.

How it Fits:

This bra has wider straps for more support. It may feel a little snug when you first get it, that’s normal. It’s designed to relax as you wear it.

What Reviewers Say:

“I love the bra. It is like not wearing one. It takes a while to get use to the feeling but once you do, you will want it in every color. Worth the price.”

The most comfortable bra I have ever owned. Instead of taking off the bra as soon as I am home, I just forget about it. Amazing. And thanks for the on-line help in sizing. The recommendation seemed odd to be but I decided to trust it and yes, it was correct! Thank you.”

Size Options:

32A to 42G - and everything in between!


Best Wireless Bra for High Support: Catalyst Sports Bra

Best Wire Free Bra – Knix (3)

The Catalyst Sports Bra is the most supportive and best wireless bra you’ll ever put on.Designed to drastically reduce breast movement, the full coverage Catalyst outperformed over 800 bras it was tested against. And taking it off after a long workout is a snap! With a wide range of size options and moisture wicking fabrics, the Catalyst Sports Bra supports up to a G-cup.

How it Fits:

Performance molded cups separate and encapsulate your breasts to reduce movement. It may feel a little snug when you first get it, that’s normal. It’s designed to relax and adapt to your shape as you wear it. It’s comfortable, supportive, and easy to take on and off.

What Reviewers Say:

“A comfortable bra that provides a flattering profile and solid support. I threw out all of my other bras. This is the one.”

“I have purchased many sports bras, but this one is the best I have ever worn. I love it so much that I am wearing it more on a daily basis too. It molds to your body, has a great innovative strap design , and is supportive while oh so comfortable. Well worth the money!”

Size Options:

From 32A to 42G - and everything in between!


Best Wireless Bras for Small Sizes: Infinity Bra

Best Wire Free Bra – Knix (4)

An amazing, do-anything everyday Infinity Bra - with new sizes for smaller breasts! With flattering wireless support, totally seamless design, and molded cups for a super smooth silhouette under tops and tees. Designed especially for those of us with smaller bands and cups

How it Fits:

This bra is available in select cup sizes and bands 28” - 38”. The adjustable straps can be worn straight or cross-back to compliment any outfit.

What Reviewers Say:

“As a small chested woman, this bra moulds well to my body shape. It feels smooth and light especially with no under wire.”

“Took a couple of days to form to my body, but now I won’t ever stop wearing this bra. Super comfy and I will never purchase a different brand.”

Size Options:

28A to 38B - and everything in between!


Best Wireless Bra for WFH / Loungewear: Longevity Bra

Best Wire Free Bra – Knix (5)

Flattering and functional, the medium-impact (high-enjoyment) Longevity Bra can be worn under any workout gear or on its own.

How it Fits:

Designed to fit soft and snug, with reinforced underbust for lift and support. Adjustable straps for the perfect fit, this bra may feel a little snug when you first get it, that’s normal. It’s designed to relax and adapt to your shape as you wear it.

What Reviewers Say:

“Great bra for wearing around the house. Comfortable but still provides some light support. I love wearing it under scrappy tank tops in the summer too!”

“Sometimes I have to take this bra off and wash it, which makes me sad. I wear this bra for almost everything from work to hiking and biking. It’s probably not enough support for high impact activity but it is surprisingly supportive and ridiculously comfortable - not to mention cute with its fun colors and straps - for everything else.”

Size Options:

32A to 40DD - and everything in between!


No Matter the Style, Finding the Right Size is Key

Many times when a bra is uncomfortable or doesn’t offer enough support, it’s not just the bra’s fault… it’s that we’re wearing the wrong size.

We totally get it; it’s convenient and quick to shop online. But even if you’re absolutely certain of your correct size, cup sizes can vary from brand to brand. What’s more, your body changes over time, so it’s sensible to get measured from time-to-time.

Finding the right style is as important as the right size. Do you need full coverage, lightly lined, convertible straps, wide straps, soft cup or padded cup? The choices can be overwhelming...

Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to add a bunch of time or hassle to your online retailing. You can schedule a virtual fitting with Knix to find the best wireless bras for your body!

What to Expect from a Knix Wireless Bra Virtual Fitting:

  • Book your virtual fitting for a wireless bra here
  • We’ll connect you with one of our expert Knix team members for a 1-on-1 fitting session over video chat.
  • For your wirefree bra fitting, we recommend you wear a bra with little or no padding and a fitted t-shirt to make sure we get an accurate measurement. You’ll also need either a) a soft measuring tape or b) a piece of string or cord and a tape measure or ruler.
  • With different styles and sizes for 30A to 42G in the world’s most comfortable and supportive wireless bras, our fit experts can help you get into something that you will love to wear every single day.

How to Care for Your Wire Free Bra

Once you’ve found the best wireless bra for your style and needs, it makes sense to prolong its lifespan as long as possible. The good news is that wireless bras are a lot more low maintenance than underwire ones.

Obviously, the more bras you have in your rotation, the longer they’ll last. But also key is how you wash your wirefree bra.Here are the steps to follow if you’re opting for the washing machine:

  • Step 1: Fasten all the hooks / clasps. Hooks and clasps can catch on other items of clothing, which can cause a lot of stretching, pulling and even breakage of your bras. So make sure you fasten all the clasps to minimize the chances of that happening.
  • Step 2: Place the bras in a mesh bag / lingerie bag. A mesh bag or lingerie bag is great for keeping delicates (underwear, socks, tights) contained in the laundry and protected from tangling with less delicate garments.
  • Step 3: Separate your colors / weights. As always with laundry, you want to take a moment to separate your colors (white, black and colors). You can also separate your loads by weight, including bras with other lighter items, like tees, socks, underwear etc. rather than heavier objects like bed linens, jeans and sweatshirts.
  • Step 4: Choose a gentle cycle. Make sure to set your machine on a gentle cycle or cold water cycle when you’re washing undergarments or other delicates.

Whether you hand wash or machine wash your bras, it’s your choice. But if there’s one hard rule it’s on drying: Drying machines are an absolute no-no. Instead opt for an air dry.

Why? Because the heat of dryers can be detrimental to the elastic in your bra. And once the elastic is gone, your bra is finished.

With a little care, your new favorite bra should last you a long time!

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