Certified Birth Control App by Natural Cycles: Revolutionizing Contraception (2023)

Certification and Medical Device Authority

Natural Cycles stands as the epitome of innovative birth control solutions. Unlike the multitude of apps focusing on fertility and period tracking, Natural Cycles isn't just an app; it's a certified medical device, a distinction that sets it apart globally. Its FDA clearance under the Class II product requirements highlights its rigorous compliance with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulations. Moreover, it bears CE marking as a Class IIb medical device in the European Union and the UK, affirming its effectiveness and reliability in birth control.

Scientific Foundation of Natural Cycles

At the heart of Natural Cycles lies a profound understanding of the menstrual cycle's science. Contrary to conventional birth control methods that suppress ovulation, this app identifies the fertile window by tracking body temperature fluctuations, a method rooted in biological principles. By charting temperature changes post-ovulation, the app accurately pinpoints fertile days. It requires consistency—users should record temperature upon waking up daily to ensure precise data input.

The app's efficacy amplifies as users add their period and optional ovulation test results. These inputs facilitate a quicker learning curve for the algorithm, empowering it to predict fertility windows more accurately with each cycle.

Hormone-Free Solution with Zero Side Effects

A paradigm shift from hormonal birth control methods, Natural Cycles offers a liberating hormone-free alternative. Traditional contraceptives often lead to unwelcome side effects like headaches, mood swings, and altered libido due to synthetic hormones. This app emerged in response to the demand for a safer, non-invasive birth control option, evident from the migration of users dissatisfied with their prior methods.

Furthermore, the app's integration with US insurance, making it accessible at no cost, underscores its commitment to providing a side-effect-free solution.

Dual Functionality: Birth Control and Pregnancy Planning

Natural Cycles's versatility isn't confined to birth control alone. It seamlessly transitions into a pregnancy planning tool, aligning with the founder's vision of a comprehensive family planning solution. Users can effortlessly switch to the 'Plan Pregnancy' mode when ready, leveraging the same scientific foundation employed for contraception.

Studies indicate that Natural Cycles users achieve pregnancy within an average of three cycles, a remarkable contrast to the natural conception rate of nine out of ten women within a year without any birth control method.

Innovative Integrations: Apple Watch Compatibility

Building on its commitment to user convenience and technological advancements, Natural Cycles introduced integration with the Apple Watch. This new method simplifies temperature data collection—users need only wear the watch overnight to gather crucial data analyzed by the app's algorithm. Alternatively, users can continue using the basal thermometer, provided free with an annual subscription, for morning temperature measurements.

Unmatched Effectiveness and Data Security

Effectiveness is paramount in birth control, and Natural Cycles prides itself on delivering up to 98% efficacy when used perfectly. Its reliance on accurate data input and adherence to the app's guidelines significantly bolsters its efficacy, making it a compelling choice for users seeking reliable contraception.

Addressing data privacy concerns, Natural Cycles maintains stringent data protection measures, ensuring encryption and pseudonymization to safeguard user information. The company's commitment to never selling user data and compliance with GDPR and FDA cybersecurity standards reinforces trust and security among its global user base.

Conclusion: Embracing a Revolutionary Approach

Natural Cycles represents a groundbreaking shift in contraception—empowering individuals with a certified, science-backed, hormone-free birth control solution that transcends conventional methods. Its seamless transition into a pregnancy planning tool, innovative integrations, exceptional efficacy, and unwavering commitment to user data security solidify its position as a pioneering force in the realm of birth control apps. For those seeking a reliable, side-effect-free, and versatile birth control solution, Natural Cycles emerges as a compelling choice, redefining the landscape of contraception with its amalgamation of science and technology.

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