Does Polyester And Spandex Shrink In Dryer Or When Washed? (2023)

Shrinking is a process that works for 9 out of every 10 garment products.

Humans urge to break through that general cycle to all the things that happen naturally in the universe.

For that exact reason, the innovation of innumerable synthetic fabrics has taken place.

Such sort of fabrics behaves different to that of the naturally available materials, with two common examples the polyester and spandex.

Due to non-similarity in nature, people become curious about the debates like, does polyester spandex shrink?

And, to break entirely through that confusion and curiosity, our today’s article is all about the same.

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here is the short answer to does polyester spandex shrink or not

The firm answer is no, as both are synthetic materials, and such compounds are resistant to shrinkage. So, comparing natural fabrics with artificial items like polyester and spandex in terms of shrinking is like the sky and the soil.

But, they will anyway do so if provided with the extremist of the higher temperature.

Does 98% polyester 2% spandex shrink?

Polyester and spandex both are synthetic non- shrinking fabrics. So if you go for the individual polyester or spandex, any of the two compounds will not shrink for the majority of the cases.

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As a result, it doesn’t matter to any extent about the type and composition of the blend of polyester or spandex. And, if the mixture comprises both of those compounds, then the answer becomes way more accessible, which is then the inability to shrink.

One more thing left with their consideration is that their concentration will also not matter as both of them show a resisting behavior to shrink.

So, suppose the concentration is higher for polyester. In that case, polyester won’t act as a shrinking object and therefore make the whole blend not shrink as a whole. The same is for the case of spandex, with non-mattering reasonings towards shrinking with its higher concentration level.

So, to be exact, to the point, 98% polyester and 2% spandex won’t shrink for general purpose and usage. However, they are complex and robust enough not to cause any deformation with their size for typical wearing. Also, they can tolerate many heat scales during the washing cycles and not react to the shrinking moisture content.

The only way to make them shrink and addressing them not as a total anti-shrinking material is by throwing them into the intense hot cycle of the dry-wash.

How do you shrink polyester and spandex clothes?

Most of the shrinking methods will also work for these stubborn non-shrinking materials like polyester and spandex.

Below are the steps for your kind of information:

Using the dryer and washer methods 01:

Let us consider the following things:

  1. Turning the fabrics inside out for the wash. Please do not throw them into your washing machine directly as it may damage them directly.
  2. Wash your garment with an intense level of hot water. Do not compromise with the signature of the water temperature, as more hotness means more shrinking. Go for boiling water.
  3. Next, make the garments to transfer into a dryer directly after the wash. It will add further to the shrinking process and take up the tension more from the fabric particle, adding more to the shrinkage.
  4. Finally, check for the garment if they are correctly shrinked or not.

Incorporating the iron methods 02:

  1. Have your garments washed in hot water to dump them and preparing for the iron? Dry clothes cannot be ironed, and therefore, they need to be damped up before doing so.
  2. Next, transfer them to the board for reunification. You should make sure that the cloth is still inside-out to prevent the risk of any fading.
  3. Iron on the low-medium setting to avoid burning. Doing up excess with the iron can do wrong instead of doing any good. So, let them shrink respectively with the course of proper ironing.

Does spandex shrink in the dryer?

Spandex is made of synthetic polymers. Chemically, the description ends with the presence of polyglycerol and diisocyanate that are short in structure and also with the combination of 85% polyurethane. They are long-chained polymers and contain an actual intricate design to crack, stretch and shrink.

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So, one needs to go through an intense level of heat, hot water, and many such ways of applying hot-temperate to have them shrinked.

The presence of a dryer, in this case, works magically to add to the shrinking of spandex. The dryer contains various drying agents and extreme options of higher heat, which are the only way to obtain shrinking spandex.

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Can you put polyester spandex in the dryer?

In the long run, polyester is made out of the only similar content with the spandex that refers to a long-chained polymer of synthetic fibers. The rest of the other chemical combinations are different for the polyesters than the spandex.

It includes 85% of the share of weight coming from an ester from alcohol. It further contains an acid. The ester used for the spandex is from dihydric alcohol. Terephthalic acid is used to combine the ester to give the final touch known as the spandex.

The difference in the chemical formula for the polyester and spandex doesn’t make them behave differently from each other. With that being said, their blend of any concentration also works the same as the individual product would act.

So, if you put them in the dryer, the ultimate result will be a loss of sizing and shrinking. So, can you put the blend into a dryer or not depends on the type of result you want.

If you want your oversized polyester-spandex fabric for your rights, you can have them washed by a dry-washer and immediately throw them into a dryer for further shrinking.

does 95 polyester 5 spandex shrink?

Yes, 95% cotton and 5% spandex will shrink, and you’ll know the answer only if you have the right idea regarding cotton.

Cotton is an excellent shrinker in nature due to its super absorbent property. As they absorb what they get in their route, cotton can easily be stretched and contracted whenever required. Absorbing moisture or heat, anyone among them can cause the cotton to shrink by 20%.

The shrinking can be provided to unlimited interference if the amount of heat applied is also not brought under control.

With that being said, the blend of cotton with any other materials will significantly affect the cotton itself. Here, the prime aspect of consideration is the concentration of the cotton.

If the concentration is around 95% for the cotton, it doesn’t matter what the type of second material in the blend is; the total combination will follow the behavior of the cotton due to the vast share.

If the second component is spandex, a non-shrinking material, such a lower level of its concentration won’t be used.

And, thus, 95% cotton 5% spandex will quickly shrink if it is held towards heat.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Can I put spandex in the dryer?

There is no point in putting spandex in the dryer as it doesn’t react well to the heat. The only result that you’ll get from the roughly dried spandex is weakened and broken spandex fiber.

Can polyester spandex be altered?

Yes, the polyester spandex blend can be altered without any problem. The only key is incorporating the whole task slowly and effectively. If you go faster with the sew, you may end up stretching the blended fabric.


Finally, if you want to stay away from any shrinkage, don’t dry them in a dryer all the time, even after the components being not so favorable to shrinking.

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Does Polyester And Spandex Shrink In Dryer Or When Washed? ›

Drying polyester and spandex fabrics can also shrink them. You can dry them using a dryer on low or air-dry them.

Does spandex and polyester shrink in the dryer? ›

The majority of polyester shrinks from 1 to 3 percent based on the knit and finish of the fabric. When washed or tumble dried at high heat, spandex will shrink. Be aware that high heat in the dryer most likely will produce static and may permanently create wrinkles, so keep the dry time short.

Can you put polyester and spandex in the dryer? ›

Polyester is quick-drying, so you may not even need to use a clothes dryer, but for peace of mind, you won't ruin your clothes if you do use a machine. Using a low temperature cycle will also avoid any possible damage or shrinkage.

What happens if you dry polyester and spandex? ›

Spandex: Spandex does not react well to heat, and therefore putting full spandex clothing, such as a bathing suit or leggings, into the dryer will caused the fabric fibres to weaken and break. Clothing that contains a small amount of spandex material, such as jeans, could be okay to put in the dryer.

Does polyester spandex shrink at all? ›

Your polyester fabrics will not shrink in the washer unless under extreme conditions. Your polyester clothes should come out just fine if you use cool or lukewarm machine cycles. However, your polyester might have a small shrinkage if you use hot water. The safest temperatures to wash polyester are those below 230F.

How do you shrink 95% polyester 5% spandex? ›

Machine wash polyester clothing in hot water and dry it on high heat to shrink it. Re-wash and dry your garment 2-3 times until it's small enough. For more drastic shrinkage, iron your polyester clothing on medium heat while it's wet. Put a towel between the iron and your garment to protect it.

Will polyester and spandex shrink a little? ›

There are a few reasons why polyester and spandex fabric don't shrink well. One reason is that polyester and spandex fabric tend to be thicker than other fabrics, so it takes a longer time for the water to penetrate the fabric.

How much does polyester and spandex shrink? ›

But it can shrink up to 20% in both width and length when it is laundered. That being said, a polyester-cotton blend will shrink more than a pure polyester blend. It won't shrink as much as 100% cotton, but the blend of cotton will typically increase shrinkage by about 5% – 10% compared to 100% polyester.

Is polyester and spandex quick dry? ›

Basically, you are looking at a combination of three different fabrics: spandex, nylon, and polyester. These synthetic materials are what gives your pants their moisture wicking, breathability, and quick drying properties.

How does polyester and spandex fit? ›

Polyester-spandex blend is the most popular combo for creating comfortable, soft, and super stretchy clothing. Adding even as little as 10% spandex to the garment can make it stretch to double its original size in any direction.

Is polyester and spandex a good combination? ›

Often used for workout or activewear pieces, this combination of polyester and spandex offers excellent elasticity and flexibility. It also has a soft texture that allows it to move with the wearer, making it a great fabric for fitness apparel.

What are the pros and cons of polyester spandex? ›

What Are The Pros and Cons of Polyester? The pros of polyester are mostly material, such as its strength, flexibility, moisture resistance, ease of care, and low cost. The cons of polyester are mostly environmental, such as high energy and water consumption, pollution, and inability to biodegrade.

Can you machine wash polyester and spandex? ›

You can actually machine wash polyester, with the right laundry detergents and techniques as it is generally quite durable and can withstand regular laundering. Polyester is a synthetic fiber, so to ensure it does not break down from heat, opt for cool or warm water when washing.

Can you permanently stretch polyester spandex? ›

In order to permanently stretch polyester, you will need to preheat the water and add hair conditioner. Wait 30 minutes before starting the stretching process. Wring out any excess water from the material before pulling and stretching it.

Will 70 cotton 28 polyester 2 spandex shrink? ›

The short answer is yes, a cotton-polyester blend garment can shrink if exposed to higher temperatures during the cleaning process.

Does 95% cotton and 5% spandex shrink in the dryer? ›

The usual fabric content is 95% cotton and 5% elastane. Cotton is a natural fibre, and like all natural fibres – wool, silk and cotton - it will shrink when it mixes with heat.


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