Watching Another 10 Year Old Makeup Tutorial: Rocky Horror Edition (2023)


The humiliation continues as Trixie relives her Frank N. Furter makeup tutorial from 2009(please don't look for it) on set of The Rocky Horror Picture Show with the Sensual Daydreams cast at the Oriental Theatre in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Oh god, this is trixie mattel reviewing another video from like ten years ago, *intro music*, oh, hi it's, me, trixie mattel and welcome back to another one of my videos, if you're new here, I'm a world, famous drag queen with a passion for makeup artistry.

Now I did a video on this channel reacting to one of my makeup videos from like over ten years ago, *screaming*, this is so humiliating.

Let me give you a little background.

I got my start doing drag with the rocky horror picture show in Milwaukee Wisconsin, the cast of sensual daydreams at the cast of sensual daydreams at the oriental theater, which I believe still has the world record of showings on an original still has the world record of showings on an original film strip of rocky, horror, um, if you guys dont know, rocky, horror, I dont know what to tell you, but rocky horror means a lot to a lot of different people to me as like a little scared.

You know, kid from the country who wasn't even comfortable saying he was gay.

It was an environment where I could be whatever and not have to say im, gay or I could wear heels and makeup and and lingerie and its just normal workday attire.

And that was a fun way for me to kind of flirt flirt with myself without really being myself.

And you know, its not always a televised coming out its not always like im, gay.

Sometimes its just like you're kind of daring yourself and me being like a rocky horror person once a month I could kind of like dare myself to be a little crazy or a little gayer.

Anyways, apparently at the time I felt the need to make a youtube video where I recreate a frank n, furter makeup.

I still love, rocky, horror.

I watch it every year for halloween.

It really means a lot to me and being able to be in rocky.

When I was twenty nineteen eighteen was is a a gamechanger.

You know, so jesus christ.

I mean, let's just react to it im.

Gonna put on the headphones and I'm going to f**** endure.

Okay, this is an unlisted video.


Go looking for it.


Never find it *intro music*.

Okay, I know this wig is so bad *screaming and laughing*.

What the f**** is this wig.

What is this dina martina, costume, dmv hit by a car wig? I know that this wig is terrible, but um, hi guys.

Its brian hi guys, its brian.

And today I am doing doctor.

Frank n, furter from the rocky horror picture, show *laughing* with the Milwaukee cast.

The sensual daydreams, cast, oh god, listen to my accent im in a cast.

The sensual daydreams cast.

I hate myself ever since people on youtube found that out theyve been requesting looks from rocky so ive done by the way, the audio the speeching and the music I added under it.

You cant, even hear me talking look at the look at the leapard print sheet that ive hung thats, not even the right background.

So instead of covering up my closet, I put the leopard print sheet on a wall.

What? So if you guys want to see how this is done, keep watching the big thing with frank is screen accuracy and capturing that somewhere in the middle between man and woman, mama, this is somewhere in the middle that is neither mama.

This is a space alien.

This is not drag makeup.

So if youre looking for drag makeup, this is not it if youre looking for drag makeup.

This is not it.

I wish I was dead honestly for coming out day.

They should just show it gets better show this.

And then show me definitely leave your request for halloween below.

I would love to do what I wanna do.

But more importantly, I would love to do what you guys want me to do.

So I mean, I like the sentiment she said, I like to do what I like to do.

But I also like to do what you guys, wanna do shes just trying to vibe folks shes, just trying to sit in her closet by the way lets look at my clothing, what about that shirt over to the right that nice dress shirt, enjoy this tutorial and keep watching keep watching the first thing im.

Gonna do is go in *laughing*.

Who is this aunt? Jackie looking motherf*cker, actually my arms look kinda good.

Maybe I was working out at the time who knows, but a big mistake with frank n.

furter makeup, is you never want it to be full on white because his face isnt white? If you watch the movie, its never white, I mean, im, giving you the information if you uh, watch, rocky, horror.

You see people go out as frank n furter.

They always do white face.

His face is not white its like super super.


I remember that foundation, ben, nye, fairest and a darker foundation.

This is ben nye expresso, right here, I know, reality, check im.

Not that dark.

But as a contour color, I just looked right at the camera and said, reality, check youre, not that dark.

What now that ive got my foundation as a base done.

My one color im, going to take a brush like so look it.

Oh b*tch.

You better work that cvs brush, you f*cking b*tch.

What was I going through? Who was I who was I trying to be im going to hit the cheekbones right here? *Laughing* look where the contour is you guys its like here? Its like here, mama cindy no look at my nose you.

I mean, I still have this exact nose im, gonna be controversial and brave.

I used to hate my nose and as ive grown into it.

I think I like having a nice big nose now it it doesnt bother me.

So now I have this kind of what is that one painted finger and look at that ring its a ring on the right hand me.

And my boyfriend at the time had matching rings mama, who was I doing this for like who was the desired audience im.

Not kidding, though you guys like go back to ten plus years ago, they all looked like this.

The most famous people on youtube were in their bedrooms with a digital camera.

Ive got a clear picture where the light is going to be hitting im, really into finger quotes where the light is going to be hitting.

Oh, my god, you guys for this part it's best to actually take some tape and put it tape?, wait a minute, wait a minute tape?.

What is going on who hurt you where the bridge of your nose will line up with your forehead, *laughing* make sure I get that straight line that im looking for the one painted nail.

You guys, *laughing*.

Stop the video.

You guys, you guys drawing on the tape and then pulling it up to reveal now youve got that straight perfect line going right there as if its that hard that I had to make a stencil.

I also wanna say, I also think my skin has gotten better as ive gotten older its the vampire facials by the way, if you guys would ever like to go with me to the aesthetics office to get a vampire facial.

I get like three a year.

Would you be interested in watching that? Because I asked my like skin nurse and he said, he would he would let us film it? So let me know if you think that would be cool the grey and the black we've been using for pretty much this entire look is carbon by mac, which is this black and grey, um print, which is this grey mac palettes used to come like that you guys used to be like the top was opaque.

And then you had to just know what was in it.

I guess I was very into purples purples and blacks.

Look at me, frank actually has his eye lid is like drawn on.

I mean, that's not bad go and google like the tim curry makeup.

The eye does not not look like this.

I wanted to perform so bad and I wasnt in anything.

And I just I loved makeup, and I only got to do drag once a month.

So I was just a little earnest like twenty year old cross-dresser.

I dont know what I was going through, but it is kinda cute to watch this.

I mean feel free to do it your way.

I mean, when in doubt do what looks good do, what is on the screen? So when in doubt do what looks good, um at this point, I am going to take a fluffy brush and brush away.

Those highlights that have just been chilling on your cheeks by the way.

Oh, my god, stop pause.

That was my ben nye blush brush from like my student makeup kit from theater school.

If you guys are theatre kids, you remember the makeup kits that are like its like a little pan with like a character wheel and no matter what your skin tone was.

They just gave you like tan.

Number five, literally like a production at a college is like thirty people all with the exact same foundation, shade im.

Gonna take that clean brush and the same way I clean up my lips im.

Just gonna clean up this brown line right in the middle this bandana, you guys, wait a minute, pause, whats, the hanky code for a white bandana whats, the tea on that, if you guys dont know, what hanky code is, I dont feel like telling you black and white means safe sex with kissing cute.

I was so pure then im.

Gonna take a clean brush with a little bit of my foundation on it and im.

Just gonna use that as an eraser around the lips to fix any imperfections.

Oh, using a concealer around the lips.


She fierce aint.

She fierce miss honey.


So number one, this is the most terrible frank n, furter wig ever at least she knew the wig was bad at she wasnt, trying to be like im, serving cuz what the f*ck request your next halloween by the way, wait a minute, wait a minute.

Lets play that outro again.

Did you see that nothing happened? It just said, comment, your video.

And then a clip of me going like *laughing*, I hate myself.

Well, my work here is done.

Now that ive shown myself another video that makes me want to quit drag quit being gay and probaby go live in some kind of, I dont know, seclusion im.

Not even sure I dont think that I can ever look at myself the same.

But you know what you know what *gasp*, you know what *gasp* have I been wearing two different earrings.

This whole time are you kidding, me ive been wearing two different.

You know what im done im.

Just gonna I have to put earrings on.

I really just wore two different earrings.

The whole **** video, *outro, music*, okay, im.

Not homophobic.

But I woulda beat the sh*t outta me.

I dont promote violence.

But this is me beating up me, which is fine.

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