What color shirt goes with gray pants? [Complete Guide]  (2023)

Grey pants are the victor when it comes to the most adaptable men’s pants. With hundreds of various designs and colors to pick from, grey pants are versatile and fashionable. While some people assume that black or blue are the greatest all-around colors, light and dark grey pants really come in a larger spectrum of tones.

Whether you’re wearing casual wear, a business casual outfit, or a formal suit, it’s critical to pair your grey trousers with the appropriate shirt, shoes, and jacket. Understanding what goes with grey pants, like knowing what goes with any form of menswear, may be difficult for males who are just starting to buy items and establish a beautiful wardrobe.

Fortunately, this guide will show you how to style grey pants for a knockout appearance that you’ll adore.

what color shirt goes with gray pants Men?

It’s important to choose a shirt that complements and flatters your grey pants in order to put together a beautiful ensemble. While the kind of shirt you pick will influence your ensemble, the color will be the most critical aspect to nail. As grey is adaptable and may be worn with a variety of colors, some colors, such as black, white, and blue, work better together than others.

To achieve the finest appearance, all you really need to know is when and how to wear these colors.


What color shirt goes with gray pants? [Complete Guide] (1)

A white shirt and grey jeans are a classic combination for almost any occasion. In reality, a white shirt with grey slacks is one of the most simple combinations a man can put together.

A white Henley worn casually over grey chinos will make you the most fashionable person in your coffee shop. A smart-casual summer attire consists of a white Oxford cotton button-down, grey chinos, and white shoes. Even in the most formal contexts, this color combination works effectively. Wear a grey suit with a clean white shirt for a look that will help you ace your next job interview or wow your wedding guests. Combine a white shirt and grey dress pants with other distinct items, such as a navy jacket, to create a unique look.

No matter what color your pants are, this combo will always look excellent. As a result, it may be used for a variety of events and occasions. All you have to do is switch up your shoes and jacket depending on the occasion.


What color shirt goes with gray pants? [Complete Guide] (2)

A traditional pairing for gentlemen is grey slacks with a black shirt. It’s perfect for formal evening gatherings since the black appearance is sleek and stylish. As a result, it’s the ideal pairing for your next cocktail or semi-formal event. Simply add black oxford shoes and a black leather belt for a stylish look. A matching grey suit jacket or blazer might be used by gentlemen who desire a more classic look.


What color shirt goes with gray pants? [Complete Guide] (3)

Wearing a blue shirt with grey jeans is almost as classic as wearing a white shirt. Blue is a highly helpful hue in the realm of men’s fashion, and you should aim to wear it frequently.

For a go-to style, mix grey chinos with a classic powder blue button down. Use a variety of blue hues and textiles to create a unique look. To employ this color combination in a new manner, pair your grey jeans with a blue chambray shirt and brown boots. Wear a light blue wide collar shirt with your grey suit for more formal occasions. For a classy modern style, pair it with a navy tie and brown shoes.

Brown leather tones go well with this color scheme in general, so incorporate leather bracelets, belts, and shoes wherever possible.


Pink goes with gray in a variety of ways, from cotton candy to brilliant rose. Pale pink tones work well in the spring and summer, while deeper shades work best in the winter or for fancy midnight gatherings.

A pale pink button-down, charcoal gray slacks, and black or oxblood leather shoes will make you appear excellent for the office. Choose a top in a more dramatic and romantic hue of pink, such as fuchsia, for supper and an evening of dancing. Even under a jacket, the color will make your style explode.


What color shirt goes with gray pants? [Complete Guide] (5)

Grey pants are such a flexible piece that they serve as the ideal backdrop for a standout shirt.

Since grey goes with everything, there’s no need to include any grey in your shirt of choice, so pick one you like and wear it with pride.

A lighter grey trouser will go nicely with this outfit, giving it a more youthful feel. This has a really wonderful summer vibe about it. The outfit is equally appropriate for a few cocktails in the sun on a Saturday afternoon as it is for a trip to the gym.


From lipstick to cherry, each hue of red looks great with gray.

Purple pairs nicely with charcoal, giving dark shades like grape and eggplant a warm feel. Choose a shirt in lilac or lavender to keep cool.

In the spring and summer, lighter-colored yellow and orange shirts, such as margarine and sherbet, can be worn with charcoal.

Switch to deeper tones like mimosa and orange when the weather becomes colder. It’s difficult to find a shirt color that doesn’t complement the charcoal gray pants.

what color shirt goes with gray pants Women?

The light grey pant, which is your lightest choice, is ideal for dressing up, down, or anywhere in between.


We realize it’s not the most unique match, but a light grey trouser with a white shirt or top is extremely stylish.

When you add a vividly colored blazer to the mix, you’ve got a look that’s both high class and high style.


When wearing light grey pants, blue is another traditional option that never goes out of style.

This timeless combination nicely complements one another, providing just the appropriate amount of contrast without overpowering the overall color scheme.


You’ll adore wearing light grey pants if you like cool hues.

The color options are unlimited since light grey pants may be paired with almost any cool or pastel colored top. Just be sure you wear a lighter-colored shoe to prevent breaking up the flow of the pastel ensemble with a harsh and dark-colored shoe.


Grey pants look well with this traditional “feminine” pastel color. It doesn’t really matter what kind of pink you use. We think this delicately patterned rose colored pink blouse is the best fit for these high style grey trousers when it comes to what color shirt matches with grey pants for women.

Guys, don’t forget that pink looks fantastic on males as well! Allow yourself to be carried away by the wonderful colors that the world can offer!


Do you want to be bold and creative? When it comes to what to wear with light grey pants for women, you can get away with some bold patterns if you’re wearing grey pants.

To avoid the color palette from being too chaotic and unclear, stay with black and white patterns like the ones seen above.


Even when paired with grey checkered trousers, black makes a remark.

This turtleneck oozes maturity and grace, giving you a sophisticated look.


What to wear with grey jeans for a female casual look?

Ladies, you might not even believe it, but beige and other neutrals may be worn with grey when done correctly. To avoid seeming mismatched, make sure the beige is on the cooler and more neutral side of things.


When pairing specific brown tones to gray, you may need to be cautious, although it works in this case. Like beige colored shirts, you’ll want to pick a brown that is cooler and more neutral in look, and avoid browns that are too warm in appearance.


Who says you have to go to the gym to rock sweatpants? Seriously though, this get up paired with high heels and a popping yellow top is sure to please.


There’s simply something about lime green, or any brilliant hue for that matter, that looks great with light grey leggings. Wear this outfit to the gym or on a fast trip to the supermarket and you’ll appear polished.

What Colors Should You Wear With Grey Pants?

Grey may be effectively paired with a wide range of hues due to its adaptability. However, hue and tone should be considered while choosing the most attractive combination. Grey may appear quite different on different outfits, therefore not all grey items will look excellent with the same colors. There are, however, some general principles to follow to help choosing a good combination easier.

For instance, if your grey pants are a cool color, pair them with other cool colors like blue. Consider pairing them with warm hues like brown if they have a warm grey tone. Similarly, light grey hues should be paired with light colors like white, while dark grey shades should be paired with dark tones like black.

Of course, none of these guidelines are unbreakable. You may also play around with other combinations to create fascinating contrasts.

Men’s Grey Pants Outfits

Depending on the style, grey pants may be worn for both formal and casual situations. Choose more casual trouser designs for informal situations, such as jeans or joggers. Tailored trousers and suit pants, on the other hand, are a smart choice for formal occasions. Chinos are another great pant choice that looks well in grey. Simply pair them with a T-shirt to wear them casually. Wear them with a collared shirt for a more sophisticated look.

Casual Occasion

Grey pants are almost as relaxed as your favorite pair of blue jeans, and they should be worn with casual clothes.

In modern frayed slim cuts, grey jeans look even better than blue. For a basic casual style, add grey jeans to your closet and mix them with a clean white T-shirt. To make your looks more interesting, layer extra colors on top of your grey denim. Try a blue patterned short sleeve button down or a maroon Henley.

Grey chinos are also a terrific alternative to denim that can be worn in a variety of casual ensembles. Style them in the same way you would grey denim for a relaxed, laid-back look.

Smart Casual Occasion

Grey pants are a great choice for smart casual situations because of their elegant appearance.

Choose a light grey pair of chinos or pants for a summer look, or a dark grey pair for a winter look.

Finish your look with a shirt or T-shirt, jacket, and sneakers that are both stylish and comfortable.

In the cooler months, a sweater may be added to your ensemble as a nice finishing touch.

Semi-Formal Occasion

Semi-formal grey pants may make a man seem smart and fashionable, especially at the office or at elite occasions.

You’ll want to wear light grey dress pants to weddings or graduations since they’ll provide you a lot of clothing possibilities. You can wear a blazer and tie to the ceremony as a dressier option that is a step up from business casual. Remove your jacket, loosen your tie, and roll up the sleeves of your white shirt for a laid-back formal appearance that will make you the center of attention at the afterparty.

For situations in the winter that call for both style and warmth, layer a pair of dark grey trousers with items like sweaters, scarves, leather jackets, and wool blazers.

What colors go with grey jeans the best?

Grey is a hue that can be used in a variety of ways in any outfit. Grey jeans look fantastic when teamed with other monochromes such as pristine white or deep black.

When it comes to brighter hues, though, think about the color’s depth as well as the undertones. Warm greys mix well with browns, rusts, and mustards, whilst cool greys go well with blues, greens, and purples. Furthermore, the deeper the grey, the better it looks with darker colours, and vice versa for light and pastel shades. Of course, contrasting may look fantastic when done perfectly if you’re feeling daring.

What shirts should I pair with grey slacks?

Depending on the style, you can wear most sorts of shirts with grey jeans.

A basic t-shirt, hoodie, leather jacket, or short-sleeve button-down looks great with something casual like grey chinos. If you’re wearing grey tailored pants to the office, wear a polo, long sleeve button-up, sport coat, or pea coat instead.

Black, white, and blue are the easiest colors to deal with, but grey is such a versatile hue that you may experiment with numerous colors.


What color shirt goes best with grey pants? ›

Go for a classic look by choosing a neutral-colored shirt, such as black, white, or a different shade of grey. Pair your grey pants with a warm color, such as pink or yellow, to make a bold statement. Choose a sophisticated, cool tone, like purple, blue, or green, for both formal and casual events.

Is it OK to wear grey pants and grey shirt? ›

Another safe look that is quite a refreshing one with a Gray shirt is to opt for White, Crean and even Light Gray pants. Again, as they are all quite monochrome in nature, the overall look will blend quite well. It works better when the Gray shirt tends to be a distinctively darker shade than the pants.

What is the best color to go with gray? ›

The key to a great match lies in coordinating the tones. Warm gray shades go well with other warm-toned colors, like taupe, blush pink, butter yellow, and burnt orange. On the other hand, you can pair cool gray with other chill tones like navy blue, sage green, and cool whites.

What colour compliments grey? ›

'The rule of thumb being match cool greys with other "chill" colours such as blue, pale greens and cool white. And match darker grey tones with warm tones such as burnt orange, mustard, and teal.'

What color shirt and shoes to wear with grey pants? ›

You can try a light gray cotton dress with your white bucks of shoes. Light gray pants with a dark blue shirt and white shoes will work the best for you. For example, you can style lattice gray pants with a pair of oxford sneakers to look stylish.

What color shoes can you wear with gray pants? ›

How To Coordinate Grey Trousers With Different Shoes
  • Black. Wear it to a wedding, a funeral, a job interview, a day at the office, or a first date. ...
  • Burgundy. ...
  • Dark Brown. ...
  • Grey. ...
  • Navy. ...
  • Purple. ...
  • Green. ...
  • Light Brown.
Mar 8, 2019

Does black shirt go with grey pants? ›

This combination stands out as black shirt matches well with grey trousers. Be it a conference meeting or office party, this combination definitely makes a statement. Tip: Light grey pants look great when pairing with a black shirt. Choose cotton linen or cotton grey pants that keep you comfortable for the entire day.

What color shirt to wear with charcoal pants? ›

Best shirt colors with charcoal gray pants
  • Snow White. Few combinations are more professional and elegant than charcoal gray pants with a crisp white dress shirt or blouse. ...
  • In the Pink. From cotton candy to bright rose, pink is a surefire complement to gray. ...
  • The Blues. ...
  • Fade To Black. ...
  • Other Color Matches.
Dec 15, 2016

What can you wear with grey suit pants? ›

Mixing a grey dress pant with a black blazer is a stylish & refreshing look. Pair with your favourite dress shoes - lot's of options in store!

What color shirt goes with grey jeans men? ›

Grey jeans look best with a dark upper. Whether you pick a dark shirt or a dull over-shirt, the difference looks phenomenal. Match your grey jeans with a dark set of shoes, ideally in a variety matching your shirt for a definitive smooth look in grey jeans and black shirt.

Does navy blue suit go with grey pants? ›

Navy Blue and Grey

This duo always looks sharp, whether you're going casual or dressing up for the office. We recommend sticking with a lighter shade of grey to provide some contrast.

How do you style grey chinos? ›

The chino is made from cotton, so pairing it with a wool suit jacket is a good idea. In addition, mismatching tops and bottoms is becoming increasingly common and gives the outfit a dynamic look. We suggest keeping the shirt simple by opting for white so as not to weigh it down too much and to highlight the grey mix.

What color shirt goes with grey jean pants? ›

Grey jeans look best with a dark upper. Whether you pick a dark shirt or a dull over-shirt, the difference looks phenomenal. Match your grey jeans with a dark set of shoes, ideally in a variety matching your shirt for a definitive smooth look in grey jeans and black shirt.

What color shirt to wear with grey sweatpants? ›

Aside from blue, other colors to pair with your gray sweatpants include: Green, particularly dark forest green. Red, especially burgundy. Pastel shades like light blue, pink, and yellow.

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