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Have you ever wondered what color shoes to wear with a plum dress? You’ve probably seen so many women wearing plum dresses that you thought it would be easy to come up with an answer. Now, if you’ve been trying to find the answer for a long time, let me tell you now that it is not that simple. There are several factors involved when deciding on the best color of shoes to wear with a dress. Firstly, there’s the hue of the dress we’re considering. We don’t want to match a red dress by wearing a red pair of shoes. Then there’s the tone of your skin. The last thing you want is having shoes which will make your feet too visible.

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What color shoes to wear with plum dress

Plum is a rich and vibrant hue that can be incorporated into your wardrobe in many different ways. You can pair plum with other cool colors like blue and green to create a look that is both elegant and casual. Plum is also a great color to wear in the fall when you want to transition from summer into fall. The best part about this color is that it goes well with almost any shade of shoe, so you don’t have to worry about what shoes to wear with plum dress.

What shoe color goes with wine dress

Wine red has been a popular color for years, but it’s still going strong today. This deep red hue works well for formal events as well as everyday wear. Wine red looks great paired with black heels or flats, but it also pairs nicely with brown accessories for more casual looks. If you want to wear heels, try pairing your wine colored dress with black suede pumps or peep toe stilettos for an

What Color Shoes to Wear with Plum Dress - Buy and Slay (2) elegant look that will stand out at any event!

Plum dress shoes for weddings

If you’re attending a wedding this fall, then we suggest wearing an elegant plum colored gown that will complement

Plum is a color that is at the same time bold, confident and feminine. It can be a very dark purple or a lighter purple depending on the shade you choose. If you want to wear plum with other colors, keep in mind that it will look best with earth tones such as browns and greens.

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plum dress shoes for weddings

When choosing what color shoes to wear with plum dress, you should consider the color of your skin tone as well as your hair color. A nice contrast between your skin tone and your outfit is always good for creating a beautiful look. If you have light skin and blonde hair, you can wear shoes in any shade of purple or burgundy to create contrast between your outfit and hair color.

If your skin tone is darker than average, you may want to go for darker shades of plum like deep reds or deep purples if you want to create contrast between your outfit and skin tone. However, if you are fair-skinned with blonde hair then it is best to go for lighter shades of plum like lavender or lilac so they don’t clash with your blonde hair color

When you’re deciding what shoes to wear with a plum dress, you have a lot of options. The most important thing is to make sure that your shoe color complements your dress, but there are plenty of other factors to consider.

Plum dresses are dark in nature and as such, they can be worn with dark colored shoes like black or navy blue. However, if you want a lighter look, then opt for cream or brown shoes instead.

Another option is to wear a heel with your plum dress if you want something more formal. Heels are great because they add height to an outfit and they can make the wearer feel confident and powerful. If you don’t want to wear heels, then go for flats instead!

If you’re wearing a plum dress for work or an evening out on the town, then make sure that your purse matches your clothes too!

For weddings and other formal events where people tend to dress up more than usual, it’s best not to match your purse exactly with your outfit because it could clash with other accessories like jewelry or even jewelry itself (like earrings).

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If you’re looking for plum dress shoes, we have a wide selection for you to choose from. We can help you find the best plum dress shoes that match your taste and style.

Plum dresses are all about the color purple. It’s a unique shade of purple that is hard to describe but looks amazing on those who wear it. Plum dresses are perfect for weddings and other formal occasions, such as proms or banquets. Plum dresses are also great for everyday wear if you want to stand out from the crowd and make a statement with your outfit.

The first thing you need to do when choosing plum dress shoes is decide what type of shoe will go well with your outfit. You can choose between heels, flats, wedges or boots depending on how tall or short you are and whether you want to accentuate your legs or not. If you want something more casual, then flats would be an excellent choice since they’re easy to slip into and they’ll keep your feet comfortable while still looking stylish at the same time!

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what color shoes with plum bridesmaid dress

If you are looking for a shoe that will compliment your plum dress, here are some tips to help you choose the best color and style of shoes.

1. Choose the Right Heel Height

The first step is to find out what heel height is best. The rule of thumb is that the heel should be about a quarter inch shorter than the length of your foot. If you have long toes, don’t go for anything too high or it will look like you have stubby feet!

2. Match Your Dress Shade

The next step is to match your dress shade. You need to make sure that the color of your shoes matches the shade of your dress as closely as possible; otherwise it will look like there is something wrong with your outfit! Always try on several pairs before buying them so that you can pick out the right shade and fit easily!

3. Choose Comfortable Shoes

It’s important that your shoes are comfortable enough to wear all day long (or night). If they pinch or hurt anywhere, then they aren’t going to be comfortable enough for walking around in all day long!

If you’re wearing plum clothing, you’ve got a lot of options when it comes to shoes. However, each option has its own pros and cons. You should think about what kind of look you want before deciding on which shoe to wear.

For example, if you want a more casual look, then flat shoes would be good choices. They can be worn with jeans or a skirt and don’t require any special care. Heels are another good option if you’re looking for something more formal; however, they may not be as comfortable as flats depending on how high they are. Platforms have also become popular recently due to their comfort levels and versatility in style choices.

If you’re looking for a shoe that will go well with your outfit but isn’t too formal or too casual, wedges are an excellent choice because they look great with most outfits while still being versatile enough to go with different styles of pants/skirts/dresses!


What color shoes should you wear with a plum dress? ›

You can't go wrong with silver shoes. The elegant color adds a special touch and pop of brightness to the deeper, darker color of any plum dress, whether you're wearing a mini dress, maxi dress, or something in between.

What colors can you wear with plum? ›

Plum looks luscious with olive green, chartreuse, marigold yellow, dark beige and gray. Yellow ocher and metallic gold too. It can have an old-world feel — perfect for a traditional dining room with period trim — or a bright, modern feel, depending on how it is used and what shade you go for.

What to wear with a plum coloured dress? ›

Below are some of the best color options that will make your outfit pop.
  • Nude shoes. Nude shoes are a great option to wear with a plum dress. ...
  • Metallic shoes. Metallic shoes, such as gold or silver, are a great option to wear with a plum dress. ...
  • Black shoes. ...
  • Burgundy shoes. ...
  • Beige shoes. ...
  • Green shoes. ...
  • Blue shoes. ...
  • Grey shoes.

What to wear with plum purple? ›

Purple Color Palettes

Plum and green are opposites on the color wheel making them perfect complements of one another. Try pairing plum with sage greens and slate grays for a lush yet understated color palette. Plum also works well with it's two halves, purple and red, for a beautiful berry look.

Can you wear plum to a wedding? ›

Jewel tones and darker colors, like emerald, plum, burgundy, deep red, and dark blue, are good choices for cold-weather wedding attire. Similarly, stick with heavier fabrics like velvet, tweed, wool, silk, and cashmere.

Does gold go with plum? ›

It's amazing to look back at one of our first photo shoots in 2011 [at the Wild Onion Ranch with The Nichols Photography] and realize that the combination of rich plum purple and gold continues to be a pair that has continued to be a source of inspiration!

What color season looks good in plum? ›

A summer season color palette is full of soft colors like pastels, some great neutral colors like soft white, charcoal grey, navy, and taupe, and some rich colors as well like cranberry, evergreen, and plum.

What skin tone looks good in plum? ›

It usually tends to look best on medium to dark skin tones and also makes hazel/brown eyes pop. Bonus! If you're wondering what other colors you should wear with this luxe pigment, I've got you covered. Some people might think that plum is enough color for one outfit, but they are sadly mistaken.

Is plum a good color to wear to a wedding? ›

Plums and mauves are great colors for fall weddings, and also transition well into the winter season. Autumn is all about the warm colors, but if reds and oranges aren't your thing plum can be a wonderful alternative. It's on the warmer side of purple, and is an incredibly romantic and luxurious color.

What goes with plum? ›

Plums go well with almonds, hazelnut, cinnamon, citrus, black pepper, honey, vanilla, arugula, red wine, ginger, raspberries, goat cheese, yogurt, berries, other stone fruits, bourbon, chicken, pork, prosciutto, and duck.

What is the perfect combination to purple dress? ›

The best color combinations for purple are yellow, green, gray, blue, pink and black. When paired correctly, these combinations can make bold and striking statements. So, the next time you want to create a classy, ​​on-trend look, consider pairing one of these color combinations with purple.

What color compliments purple dress? ›

Gold, copper, and yellow are colors that go with dark purple, imparting a regal ambiance. And lilac, pink, and white are colors that go with light purple for a softer, delicate feel or a space for a child.

Does plum and navy go together? ›

I love pairing a plum or purple with navy blue—this palette works so well with dark, rich wood tones and touches of gold," says the designer.

Is plum more pink or purple? ›

Plum is a purple color with a brownish-gray tinge, like that shown on the right, or a reddish purple, which is a close representation of the average color of the plum fruit.

Is plum purple or burgundy? ›

Plum can be deep and rich in its burgundy-red shades. and it can also give a solid punch of vibrancy with its violet and purple tones. The combination of both cool and warm colors gives off a very natural (and at times neutral) appearance.

Which shoe color goes with purple dress? ›

Like yellow, pink, white or burgundy. Or contrarily, you can choose a neutral pairing of shoes with purple dresses, like brown, beige, nude or brown.

How do you match dress color to shoes? ›

Choose Colors That Complement

If it's just one color, you can go for a multi-colored shoe featuring that hue. Or, if it features more than one color, you can choose a shoe in one of them so that it picks up the matching shade on the dress.

What colors go with plum and navy? ›

While navy and plum is a gorgeous mix, it can edge on becoming a bit too dark. That's why I say throw in another shade. Use neutrals like ivory or taupe to lighten things up or shades of chartreuse green or pink for pops of bright. Any way you style it, navy and plum is a winning combination!

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